JSON-Mania with Heavy Networking

I sat down with my good friend Ethan Banks over at Packet Pushers for my second Heavy Networking podcast in hopes of discussing my JSON-MANIA!

Heavy Networking 563: Automating Documentation With Ansible, Genie, And Jinja2 – Packet Pushers

Career-Changing Automation Giveaway !

My good buddy Zig – who hosted me on Zigbits podcast for a 2-part Network Design (Part One) and Network Automation (Part Two – coming in February) discussion.

As part of Part Two’s discussion – Zig’s first real conversation about Network Automation and Infrastructure as Code – Zig is having the most amazing giveaway I’ve ever seen!

Including a copy of my book!


Good luck! This will change the winner’s career and life!

It’s always DNS – but it doesn’t have to be!

DDI Automation – A collaborative live demonstration with BlueCat

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my friends Dana Iskoldski and Chris Meyer over at BlueCat exploring and automating DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM) (DDI) with the BlueCat Address Manager (BAM) and the BlueCat Gateway.

Infrastructure as Code and network automation is not always about switches and routers – there is incredible value to be found automating all the way up the stack into the critical Layer 7 services like DNS and DHCP; or transforming from Microsoft Excel-based IP address management to a fully automated solution.

In this 2-part series watch us explore and ultimately automate DNS using the BlueCat BAM and Gateway APIs with Postman, Ansible, and Python

Part One – BAM API Automation with Postman and Ansible

Part Two – BlueCat Gateway Automation

GitHub repository

DevCentral Connects: An Automation Journey

A colleague, Dan Pacheco, our F5 guru, and I joined the F5 DevCentral Connects podcast to do a show and tell of our AzureDevOps CI/CD treating F5 as infrastructure as code with their AS3 API and Ansible! If you wonder what a CI/CD pipeline looks like or how to really automate infrastructure with an API, data models, Jinja2 templates creating JSON, and Ansible URI module all packaged up in a Docker container that is build and released from Git triggers like a Pull Request!

Check out the video here

BlueCat: Critical Conversations on Critical Infrastructure Ep. 1: “Where’s the automation ‘Promised Land’?”

I was invited by BlueCat to join a round-table discussion with 4 other IT professionals to have an open and honest discuss about the automation “Promised Land”

“Six non-hype network automation lessons from IT pros. Five IT pros get real about network automation during the first Critical Conversation on Critical Infrastructure hosted in the Network VIP community.”

Watch it here