Hello World!

My first Hello World! was not actually a true programming language test – in fact it was the first message I sent over telephone lines on my 2400-baud modem to another BBS (Bulletin Board System for anybody not familiar with pre-Internet computer networking) system admin who was helping me setup “The Backspace BBS” back in 1990. Seeing the words “Hello World!” typed out (slowly) across the monitor of my x286 – typed by “somebody else” out there in the world behind their computer was a memory I will never forget. My fascination and lifelong journey with computer networking had begun!

This Hello World! is equally miraculous given I registered the domain name, hosting space and a Linux platform. From there I installed WordPress on my Linux host out in the cloud somewhere, all via my browser with easy point and click steps. A few minutes of WordPress customization later and boom – I’ve established a place where I can share my journey in this world as a network engineer, and, more specifically, my transformation and metamorphosis into more of a solution developer using DevOps tools and treating infrastructure as code. It is a pretty amazing world we live in where I can do all of this from my home office in about 45 minutes from scratch.

Here I will share my thoughts on infrastructure as code and network automation; discuss the tools and techniques I am using to achieve my goals, and provide as much guidance and insight into my process. In addition to being a Sr. IT Planner and Integrator for the Canadian House of Commons (Parliament) (but this site is strictly my personal thoughts and opinions which are *not* endorsed by the House of Commons), I am also an author. Check out the Books link for information about my first book, “Automate Your Network: Introducing the Modern Approach to Enterprise Network Management”, as well as my upcoming follow-up “Automate Your Network: APIs for Infrastructure”.

Thank you for joining me on this journey – we are going to learn a lot from each other !

I wonder what my next Hello World! will be created with! Only time will tell!

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