ipSpace.net Must Read !

When I was tagged on Twitter about @ioshints (Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus)) latest blog post I thought somebody was telling me I should read the latest blog

I flagged this as “Hey what a coincidence I was just writing about #chatbots with Discord – I gotta read this later”

Turns out it was my article that was Worth Reading!

Why this is so special to me is that I started my automation journey with an ipSpace.net subscription which was a very key part of my early success with Ansible and Cloud automation specifically. Ivan has also personally helped me write better code and taken a personal interest in my success.

I am so incredibly humbled and thankful for Ivan’s recognition but even more by his commitment to be honest and open with his vast knowledge.

In a lot of ways I am trying to emulate Ivan’s approach and appreciate having a virtual mentor of such quality and capability.


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